Inception of Linear Vibes.

I can never imagine my love for dogs could actually introduce me to Linear Vibes a concept around which all my designs at Migo revolve. I am grateful to my dog Brando for unknowingly introducing me to linear vibes. During one of Brando’s routine bathing sessions, after combing him is when I observed the linear vibes. He too sensed an understanding between us. Even though dogs cannot talk there were times I could feel Brando understanding and responding to my thoughts. All I wanted was to sit and observe him mingling with nature.

On having observed these lines is when I experimented with my pen and drew those lines eventually turning it into a design. It is then it occurred to me that I could use these patterns to design anything & everything. A late addition to this concept was the introduction of linear vibes according to the DNA characteristics distinctive to each human. This gave me a chance to create designs that were unique.

The rest of the journey has been observational.

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Experimentation of a different kind !

This particular piece of furniture was my first experiment at designing an object using the Linear Vibes.It has been made by friend Shrikant and he approached me to give it a contemporary look as well as to make it into a three dimensional piece. Thats when it dawned upon me Linear Vibes could be used to design just anything be it interiors , objects , fabrics, wall papers , inlays , homes , billboards and much more.

Customized Linear Vibes Chair

Customized Linear Vibes Chair