Chairhorizon at Coffee Table Book

This coffee table book talks about CHAIRHORIZON, i.e. my chair 'AASAN' in Sanskrit. which connects sky & earth. For me I am a medium which connects these two elements. And this book is all about that journey and observations depicted in Linear Vibes forms.

'CHAIRHORIZON' Coffee Table Book -
A journey is about senses, awareness and understanding the solid body and subtle body.

Togetherness is celebration - When i consider myself as a medium between solid & micro, that is seen & unseen. Feel and sense is the path of this journey and understand is a self realization.

The book 'My Furniture' was originally designed for my friend Shrikant.

Experimentation of a different kind !

This particular piece of furniture was my first experiment at designing an object using the Linear Vibes.It has been made by friend Shrikant and he approached me to give it a contemporary look as well as to make it into a three dimensional piece. Thats when it dawned upon me Linear Vibes could be used to design just anything be it interiors , objects , fabrics, wall papers , inlays , homes , billboards and much more.

Customized Linear Vibes Chair

Customized Linear Vibes Chair