A God Gift

Much to my surprise one day I found a pen on my desk. On having enquired all my friends whether it belonged to them I realised there were no takers for it. Inquisitiveness made me want to try scribbling with it. Amazed at what was the outcome of that scribbling the pen became my companion in every design I have made till now. There was a sense of fulfilment as though this pen completed my journey to design the Linear Vibes.

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Experimentation of a different kind !

This particular piece of furniture was my first experiment at designing an object using the Linear Vibes.It has been made by friend Shrikant and he approached me to give it a contemporary look as well as to make it into a three dimensional piece. Thats when it dawned upon me Linear Vibes could be used to design just anything be it interiors , objects , fabrics, wall papers , inlays , homes , billboards and much more.

Customized Linear Vibes Chair

Customized Linear Vibes Chair