Inspiration & Core Values

Having neither the beginning nor end of the existence. I decided to add topics through LV. While thinking of any thing Radiation starts moving around me... therefore LV's core values came to my mind.

Core Values of Migo Linear Vibes

RADIATION: Energy in form of lines
CONSTANT: Relation that remains unchanged
AFFECTION: The emotional kingdom of love
PEACE: Serenity peace of mind
JOY: Expression of great happiness
WEALTH: Abundance of wealth
VIBRATIONS: A linear motion of form & space
ETERNAL SOUL: Having neither beginning nor end of existence
PERSONIFY: To think of as having life

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Experimentation of a different kind !

This particular piece of furniture was my first experiment at designing an object using the Linear Vibes.It has been made by friend Shrikant and he approached me to give it a contemporary look as well as to make it into a three dimensional piece. Thats when it dawned upon me Linear Vibes could be used to design just anything be it interiors , objects , fabrics, wall papers , inlays , homes , billboards and much more.

Customized Linear Vibes Chair

Customized Linear Vibes Chair